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About Bladetec


Bladetec Ltd is a bespoke computer design and consultancy company. Started in 2002 it has customers throughout Europe, The Middle-East, Africa and Asia. Find out more about Bladetec by contacting us.


Our story...


The story of Bladetec began in 2002 when John Kindon and John Pitcher sensed that mainstream technology vendors were all offering me-too technology with little opportunity for competitive advantage.  They decided to establish a business dedicated to changing the way Information Technology was used within businesses, and Bladetec was born, introducing to the marketplace the latest, leading-edge technologies, not before seen in the UK.  This lead to engagements with investment banks (trading floors), Ministry of Defence (top secret systems), NATO (training centres and aircraft) and Control Centres (power stations, NCP, etc),



Successful, long-term industry veterans created and manage the company

John Kingdon

•Founder - Bladetec 2002 -MD, CTO Bladetec Ltd

•Large Scale Computer Centre Design – Government, Military, Financial Services, Commercial

•30 years at the cutting edge of technology

John Pitcher

•Founder - Bladetec 2002

•Sales Director Bladetec

•Entrepreneur specialising in computer security

•Expert in company transformation

•30 years at the cutting edge of technology

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