About the mine...


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The Aim

The strategy of The Third Bladetec Bitcoin Mine Ltd launched through Bladetec, is to build a large-scale mine comprising of hundreds of individual, specialist mining computers which will compete to win the reward (Bitcoins) for each ten-minute interval. The combined processing power of this mine will be on the Peta-hash scale, which will make it a significant global mine. Proceeds from the mine will be securely stored in off-line wallets and safe-deposit boxes.

The aim of the mine is to mine as many Bitcoins as possible and in order to do so ASIC processing miners will be utilised. These machines will participate in a Bitcoin Mining Pool. A mining pool is a large number of mining machines that work together to win the reward. Proceeds of the rewards are split across miners based on the amount of work they have contributed to the pool. In this way a predictable and daily pay-out of Bitcoins is assured. 

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Bitcoin is disruptive

"The banks don't stand a chance.  The future is crypto."

-Simon Black

The Third Bladetec Bitcoin Mine Ltd, (TBBM) Launches on 15 March 2018.  It will be fully owned by the current round of shareholders. This mine will be the company’s third iteration of mining for cryptocurrencies and the first where Bladetec is offering its services as a Bitcoin mining management company.