Bladetec runs the mines, who are they?


It all started when…

Bladetec is a privately held company established in 2002 and registered with Companies House under company number GB04504272.  Bladetec is owned by John Kingdon

Bladetec was formed to employ disruptive technology to transform the business of finance (trading floors and back office systems), the military (for ultra-secure computing) and general commercial (for savings in administration and uptime).  Bladetec has been at the forefront of blade computing technology since its creation.

Large scale computing centre design is at the core of Bladetec’s expertise since 2002. 

Some notable customers of Bladetec Ltd are:

·      The UK Ministry of Defence Headquarters

·      The UK Anti-Terrorism Task Force

·      City of London Police

·      NATO – Joint Electronic Warfare Division (JEWCS)

·      NATO – Joint Forces Training Centre (JFTC)

·      The United Nations Logistical Base (UNLB) in Brindisi Italy

·      The National Grid (All US based control centres)

·      Bae Systems (Training centres)

·      Toronto Dominion Bank

·      Winton Capital

·      Charles Stanley

·      Monument Securities

·      Al-Futtaim trading Floor in Dubai

·      NCP – Nation-wide control rooms

In its normal business Bladetec had a relatively large supply of blade computers that were used for demonstration and training purposes.  Whilst idle, this equipment was put to use in the creation of the Bladetec Bitcoin mines. The first was in September of 2010 and was based on CPU mining technology.  The second was a constructed with GPUs in May of 2013.

Bladetec will supply all technology to the mining Company, subject to the Contract agreed between The Third Bladetec Mining Company Ltd and Bladetec Ltd, details of which are outlined in the Material Contract section of the investment documents in the data room of the offer on the Envestors website

Bladetec will manage all technology on behalf of the mines and will earn a monthly fee from the mines for operational costs including Systems Administration, electricity, AC, maintenance, etc