Bladetec runs the mines, who are they?

Our story...


The story of Bladetec began in 2002 when John Kindon and John Pitcher sensed that mainstream technology vendors were all offering me-too technology with little opportunity for competitive advantage.  They decided to establish a business dedicated to changing the way Information Technology was used within businesses, and Bladetec was born, introducing to the marketplace the latest, leading-edge technologies, not before seen in the UK.  This lead to engagements with investment banks (trading floors), Ministry of Defence (top secret systems), NATO (training centres and aircraft) and Control Centres (power stations, NCP, etc),

As cryptocurrencies emerged in the late 2000’s, Bladetec utilised idle processing capacity to mine Bitcoins (the 1st Bitcoin Mine).  As the processing demands for Bitcoin grew, CPU-based miners were no longer adequate so GPU (Graphics Processing Units)-based miners were used, forming Bladetec’s 2nd Bitcoin Mine.  These two mines were invaluable in developing Bladetec’s expertise in mine management.

Bitcoin processing demands have continued to grow, and today only ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit)-based mining computers are able to compete.  With the massive increase in value of Bitcoins (from $2 in 2010 to $10,000+ in 2018), competition to mine Bitcoins has intensified and only the most powerful miners will be successful.  Bladetec saw the massive business potential from industrial-scale Bitcoin mining and in 2017 decided to create a new UK limited company, on a scale that would position it as one of the largest Bitcoin mines globally. 

To make this possible, Bladetec decided to seek external funding, and to assist with this Declan Kennedy was invited to join the Board.  As Entrepreneur of the Year in Ireland in 1996, and the man behind the Irish Forestry Funds, Declan has huge experience and a blue-chip track record in raising funds and delivering significant value back to investors.  Declan has also established two renewable energy generation companies so brings to the Board invaluable knowledge about the energy markets.

Today Bladetec has establish the UK’s first fully shareholder-owned and funded, whose promotion is approved by an FCA regulated firm, Bitcoin mine (Third Bladetec Bitcoin Mine Ltd - incorporated in England and Wales, Company Number 11232275), that should deliver greater returns and lower risk to shareholders than direct Bitcoin investment.  Backed by CMS Lawyers, the Third Bladetec Bitcoin Mine brings a level of accountability and investor protection so far missing from the cryptocurrency marketplace. 

Of course, as with any investment, nothing is guaranteed but the Directors are confident that shareholders can look forward to share value growth of up to 45% or more per annum without the risks associated with trading Bitcoins themselves.  Investors invest £’s and get £’s in return when the company is liquidated in 2-3 years time.  The exact timing of this will be determined by the Board based on Bitcoin value and the performance of the Bitcoin miners, which will become less competitive over time to the point where it makes sense to wind up operations and return all company assets to the shareholders.