Successful, long-term industry veterans created and manage the company

John Pitcher - Headshot.jpg

John Pitcher

•Founder - Bladetec 2002

•Sales Director Bladetec

•Entrepreneur specialising in computer security

•Expert in company transformation

•30 years at the cutting edge of technology

John Kingdon - Headshot.jpg

John Kingdon

•Founder - Bladetec 2002 -MD, CTO Bladetec Ltd

•Large Scale Computer Centre Design – Government, Military, Financial Services, Commercial

•30 years at the cutting edge of technology

Chief Mining Officer

Declan Kennedy - Headshot.jpg

Declan Kennedy

•Irish Entrepreneur of the year (1996) for creating the concept of a collective cooperative ownership of assets for the benefit of shareholders - FUM over €500

•Recent developer of two electricity power stations with Biotricity.